Walking around George House

Day Walks

Besides the well known Lycian Way which runs through Faralya there are a number of other beautiful day walks you can do to get the most out of what this region has to offer. At George House we are committed to the development of new walking tracks and recently we have completed 2 tracks which will help you explore the area and enjoy the countryside as well as the views of the sea. More walks are being developed so by the time you arrive there will be more ways to enjoy your walking holiday.

Butterfly Valley

For many years people have been climbing down to butterfly valley not just to enjoy the beautiful beach but also to walk back up the valley to the waterfall and perhaps catch a glimpse of a butterfly on the way. With care, the right clothing and shoes this is a safe walk for any reasonably fit person to undertake. Not suitable for really young children.

Lycian Way

Traditionally the walk commences from Ovacık and this is certainly the easiest access. Lonely Planet have recently published the route starting from Alınca. This section is certainly one of the most beautiful on the entire trail and you do have the advantage of commencing at the highest point for this section. But Alınca is not the most convenient starting point as it can be costly to get there. The sections from Ovacık to Faralya, Faralya to Kabak and the circuit Kabak – Alınca – Kabak Beach – Kabak can all be done easily as day walks from George House with the aid of  the dolmuş service.

Coastal Walk

Just under 5 kilometers long one way this walk follows the coast along terraces high above butterfly valley with clear views of the coastline to Ölü Deniz and beyond. It then crosses headland and descends through forest gaining coastal views towards Kabak to arrive at an unusual tomb perched in the forest above a secluded cove. Great for a swim if you remember to bring your water shoes. This is a well waymarked track. Detailed and easy to follow track notes are available exclusively at George House.

Yayla Walk

Almost 12 kilometers long the yayla (summer pasture) track takes you up to the mountain behind George house. From either direction you gain wonderful views of the mountains sea and down to Faralya and surrounding villages. On top of the mountain walk through cool forests to arrive at the yayla where shepherds live particularly in the spring to graze their goats. This is a well waymarked track.

Other Walks

There are a number of other walks in the area within easy reach from George House. Eventually we hope to improve the access to these walks but for the experienced walkers the existing tracks and information about them make it quite feasible to venture out to explore what the region has to offer.